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About The National Miniature Donkey Association

The National Miniature Donkey Association (NMDA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989. The Association's goals are to protect and promote the Miniature Mediterranean breed and to provide an educational forum for owners and breeders on donkey care and management.

Among the activities that the NMDA supports are:
    Miniature Donkey Registration
    Help for Donkeys
    NMDA Gelding Incentive Program
    Prevention of Animal Abuse

NMDA Gelding Incentive Program

While the Gelding Incentive Program is primarily intended for those who need assistance with veterinary expenses, the eventual goal is to actively promote the gelding of as many Miniature Donkeys as possible - everyone is invited to participate including Miniature Donkey rescues.

For details, visit NMDA Gelding Program.

Miniature Donkey Registration

Register Your Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

The Miniature Donkey Registry (MDR) was created in 1958 by Mrs. Bea Langfeld of Omaha, Nebraska and contains the most complete record of Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys in the world. Mrs. Langfeld gave the responsibility of administering the MDR to the American Donkey and Mule Society (ADMS) in 1987 when she could no longer oversee its day to day operations. Please contact ADMS for information on how to register your animals.

The Miniature Donkey Registry
Leah Patton, Registrar
c/o The American Donkey and Mule Society
P.O. Box 1210
Lewisville, Texas 75067

NOTE: As of August, 2010 the MDR now requires either microchipping or DNA prior to registration as a form of permanent identification.

NMDA Microchip Placement Recommendation: At the base of the left ear near the poll.


2021 Conservation Priority List Updates
(The Livestock Conservancy News Spring 2021)

Breeds in Need

Miniature Donkeys moved from Recovering to Watch this year because of declining registration numbers. The Watch category means there were fewer than 2,500 registrations in the U.S. and an estimated global population of less than 10,000 donkeys. Miniature Donkeys descend from a composite of small Mediterranean donkeys brought to the United States in the early 20th century. Although small donkeys continue to be used as pack and cart animals in their native region, Miniature Donkeys in the United States are kept primarily as pets and companion animals. They are docile, trainable, and friendly, good characteristics for fitting in with a family. Miniature Donkeys are also suitable companion animals for other equines or livestock. The can be trained to pull or pack and are strong for their size.

Help for Donkeys

There are many wonderful organizations that rescue and care for donkeys and they need your support! The Internet is a great source of these registered charities, as are all the donkey and mule associations.
For more information, visit List of Donkey Sanctuaries and Rescue Organizations »

Prevention of Animal Abuse


NMDA, in its mission to protect the breed and speak on behalf of all donkeys, believes any activity that inflicts unnecessary stress, pain or other cruel or abusive treatment on a donkey is unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to "donkey roping", "donkey basketball" and donkey baseball. NMDA encourages anyone who is aware of or witnesses this inappropriate exploitation of the animal, to take a stand against these forms of tawdry "entertainment". The gentle, trusting personality that the donkey inherently exhibits should never be betrayed by acts of gratuitous cruelty.

Board of Directors
National Miniature Donkey Association
April, 2009

For more information, visit Donkey Abuse »