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Faults Not Acceptable In Breeding Animals

Animals with any one of the following faults should not be used for breeding. These faults are undesirable and should not be perpetuated.

1. Cryptorchid
A mature jack with one or both testes undescended into the scrotum after 2 years is called a cryptorchid. Cryptorchid males should be gelded.

2. Dwarfism
A dwarfed animal has an overall stunted, thick-set appearance. They can have multiple deformities in the legs with large, coarse and knobby joints or cannons short and stumpy. They have disproportionate heavy heads, usually carried low. Dwarfism traits are unacceptable for breeding.

3. Extreme "Cow Hocks"
Cow Hocks that hinder the movement, and therefore the function of an individual.

4. Extreme "Parrot Mouth"/"Monkey Mouth"

Teeth that miss an even bite by more than 1/4" affect the good condition, health, and eventually the longevity of the animal.