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Breeders need to expect reproductive fitness and efficiency in their breeding stock.

  • 1. The ability to conceive
  • 2. The ability to carry a foal to term
  • 3. The ability to give birth without assistance
  • 4. The ability to nurture a foal
  • 5. The ability to produce adequate milk
  • 6. The ability to rebreed
  • 7. The ability for a jack to naturally cover a jennet.

The above characteristics may be affected by husbandry and/or environment offered to the animal. Any jennet, however, which demonstrates a repeated problem in any of these areas may not have the reproductive fitness desirable for the breed. Breeders must plan for good reproductive performance from all their breeding stock. Evaluation of jennets as potential breeding stock are recommended at approximately three years of age when they become physically and mentally mature.

Lack of reproductive fitness in jacks is demonstrated in low fertility or infertility.